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Discover Innumerable Shades of Pleasure Online

By now, it’s conceivable to think that, if most Americans haven’t encountered books and movies such as 50 Shades of Gray and The Secretary, they have at least heard of them. A taboo subject for many years, BDSM and its various pain-related fetishes has been a source of sexual pleasure for human beings for thousands of years. As popular media has helped break down misconceptions about this exciting expression of sexuality, more and more people have opened up to it.

Desktop computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets, Android devices, and the worldwide web have made it possible to explore sexual boundaries in all sorts of ways, and dedicated online and mobile communities, forums, hook-up and dating sites have flourished.

These range from what is probably the most commonly enjoyed form of S&M, spanking, to master and slave play, to humiliating role play, and even more extreme forms of B&D, such as cock and ball torture, and electro play. Because Android and other mobile technology has grown in leaps and bounds, site users do not need to be near a computer or laptop to be able to interact with others who share the same kinks and turn-ons, to see photos and watch videos, or to browse adult fun personals ads.

Adult mobile sites and apps are a great way of meeting people for hot casual fun, regular sessions, and even long-term relationships.  They are also a good way of learning more about the finer art of bondage rope binding and knots, spanking stroke techniques, how to lace up a corset properly, and even alternatives to safe words if your mouth is going to be occupied by a ball gag, a police baton, or a bright pink dildo.

This can help newcomers ease into this world of pain and pleasure, letting them know more or less what they can expect. That way, a guy who has heard of sounding and wants to try it can find out just what he’s letting himself in for.

These sites and apps can also be a fantastic resource for seasoned spankers to spice up their sex lives with fresh ideas, different techniques, various fetishes, and even more partners. Mobile technology hasn’t only been good for sexual practices that have been around for centuries. It has done wonders for another form of adult entertainment as well.

Casino games are no longer limited to kitchen table poker nights, gaming halls, or far flung destinations such as Vegas or Monte Carlo. You can take them wherever you go and enjoy them whenever you feel the need to play.

The best Android casino sites and apps offer a first class gambling experience, complete with slots, card games, table games, and specialty games. You can play them for free and enjoy easygoing fun, or you can use mobile compatible banking methods to fund a player account, and play the games with real US Dollars, giving you a chance to win huge jackpots.

For sheer ease and convenience, and for pretty much unlimited choice, mobile technology is the way to go. Find your pleasure-pain threshold, look for a hot woman to grind you with her heels, or try striking it lucky in other exciting ways whenever the mood takes you!