Pai Gow Poker

Pai Gow Poker the American Version of an Old Asian Game

Pai Gow Poker is the American version of a traditional Asian game called Pai Gow, which is played using tiles that look like dominoes. The American version was introduced using a standard 52 deck of cards, plus a Joker. According to the rules of Pai Gow Poker, the Joker can be used as an Ace or wild card, to complete a Flush, a Straight or a Straight Flush. Pai Gow poker can be play online or on any of the major brands of mobile devices.

Before starting the game of Pai Gow Poker, you need to place a bet according to the table minimum. When all the bets are placed, every player round the table is dealt seven cards, and has to make two poker hands, one a standard five card poker hand, and the other a two card hand. The five card hand is often referred to as the bottom, or high, or big hand, and the two card hand is called the small, on top, minor or in front hand. All the players at the table in online Pai Gow Poker take on the dealer, together unlike the playing against everyone at an online roulette NZ table.

A Five Card Hand plus a Two Card Hand

When you make these two hands from your seven cards, make sure that the five card hand should be of higher poker value than the two card hand. If your two card hand turns out to have higher value cards than the five card hand, it is called a Foul and you will automatically lose that round. Basically the five card hands follow the standard poker hand rules, while two card hands are usually pairs or high cards. The five card hand is ranked according to the traditional poker rules, while the two card hand is generally ranked by the individual cards.

Try to Beat the Banker

As soon as your two hands are in the order you want, you place them on the table with the two card hand in front, and the five card hand behind. Players and the dealer then compare hands in order to establish who is the winner. Your main aim is to win both hands against the banker, and in this case the banker can be either the dealer or one of the players. If both your hands are better than the dealer’s, you will be the winner. If one of your hands beats the banker’s hand, that will be considered a draw. If both the banker’s hands are better than yours, you will lose your bet. If you tie with the banker you will also lose your bet. This is the advantage the house keeps in Pai Gow Poker.

Novel Online Casino Games Very Popular

There has been a significant move in the last decade or two towards players wanting to play high quality novel games online. This has had an impact on all variants of poker. Pai Gow Poker has become surprisingly popular in the online format, and most online casinos now provide this game. Players can now experiment and find the games they like best.

In Pai Gow Poker, it will pay you to become the banker whenever you can, as bankers do have a better chance of winning compared to other players. However, you will need enough cash to cover the bets of the other players. It is also wise to balance out both the five card hand and the two card hand, as this does increase your chances of winning.

Oasis Poker Pro

The Oasis Poker Pro Recommendation

Oasis Poker Pro is a version of online poker play that is highly recommended by poker players due to the fact that this game develops an understanding of some important aspects of the popular casino game. The rules of Oasis Poker Pro are similar to Caribbean Stud Poker, without a progressive jackpot, a higher pay-out and the option of purchasing draw cards. Oasis Poker Pro allows players to exchange up to five cards for a fee, and was created by the innovative casino games developer NetEnt as a poker variation with multiple uses including a training game.

Oasis Poker Pro is another member of NetEnts’ Pro series of casino games. This means that the game is available to be enjoyed via a Low Limit and well as a High Limit version. Players are clearly advised to practice and play this game progressively as it demands a knowledge of strategy and card playing odds. To this end, players can make use of the make free play options before graduating on to the Low Limit version before taking a casino on properly in Oasis Poker Pro High Limit.

A NetEnt Creation of Note

NetEnt casinos offer poker aficionados the complete online mobile poker experience. Oasis Poker Pro is part of the Professional Series, which includes Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette, Punto Banco, Texas Hold’em and Caribbean Stud Poker. All of these games can be played for free. It is only when players have gained sufficient experience and confidence to play for real that registration at a casino site is needed.

Oasis Poker Pro effectively offers players betting limits ranging from 1 to 40 coins per bet. The Low Limit version starts at 0.1, which is ideal for the newbie and learner.

Game Play Mechanism

Oasis Poker Pro is derived from Caribbean Stud Poker. The game is played directly against the casino, and is an abbreviated, simplified version of 5-card stud poker like Caribbean Stud. Oasis Poker Pro does not offer a progressive jackpot, which has become the standard fare in Caribbean Stud, but the pay-out percentage is improved considerably.

The ante bet and call bet operations are the same as Caribbean Stud, and the qualification requirements of the dealer the same as well.

Advantages of Oasis Poker Pro

Oasis Poker Pro by NetEnt has an audited pay-out rate of 99.27%, which compares favourably with Caribbean Stud Poker at 97.42%. Oasis Poker Pro allows players to exchange up to five cards for a fee, an action that is recommended in certain cases, and improves the statistics if used correctly. Having said that, the recommendation by professionals is never to exchange more than one card. Mathematically this is key to optimising Oasis Poker Pro, but players are invited to experiment with the free versions of this game.

From a strategy standpoint, Oasis Poker Pro has the same incentives as Caribbean Stud. The onus is on the player to learn the optimal moments to call and when it is best to minimise losses and fold. This judgement is essential to success at Oasis Poker Pro since both winning and losing are inescapable aspects to the game.

Wildcat Canyon

Wildcat Canyon Online Slot

Wildcat Canyon opens with a banjo playing.  This online video slot from Next Gen Gaming has 5 reels and 25 paylines and is set against a desert with the sound of the wind whistling and birds chirping.  A western track plays as the reels spin and some of the symbols will animate when there is a win

Symbols and Payouts

The Wildcat Canyon symbols are cartoon like with the buzzard offering the highest payout of 5000 coins for 5.  The goat is worth 1000 coins for 5 and the cactus and snake will each pay out 500 coins for 5.  The Ace and King each have a payout of 250 coins for 5, the Queen and Jack are each worth 150 coins for 5 and the Ten and Nine will each pay out 100 coins for 5.  All of the payline wins are multiplied by the amount bet on each payline.

Wild and Scatter Symbol

Wildcat is the wild symbol and will only appear on reels 2 and 4.  The wild symbol will substitute for all of the symbols, except the scatter to create winning combinations.  The paw print is the scatter symbol and has a payout of 200 coins for 5, 15 coins for 4, 5 coins for 3 and 2 coins for 2.  The scatter wins will be multiplied by the total amount bet.

Free Spins Bonus Feature

Wildcat Canyon has a free spins feature which is triggered when 3 or more scatter symbols appear on the reels in any position.  Players must then select which feature they would like to play.  There are 3 options to choose from.  Players can choose 15 free spins plus a multiplier of 3 times for wild wins, 10 free spins plus a multiplier of times 5 or 5 free spins and a multiplier of times 10.  During the free spins the wild symbols will remain in position and players will receive a respin.  The free spins round can be reactivated.

Gamble Option

The gamble feature of Wildcat Canyon is activated after a win on the reels much like extra plays with online roulette NZ games.  Players who want to select the gamble option must click on the hearts and clubs button.  They will be shown a face down playing card and players must then try to guess the suit or colour of the card.

By correctly guessing the suit of the card a player’s win will be quadrupled and by correctly guessing the colour of the card their win will be doubled.  Players will have 5 attempts to guess the suit or colour.  The gamble feature is optional and players have the choice to either collect their winnings or to gamble.

How to Play

To start playing Wildcat Canyon players must first choose how many paylines to activate by clicking on the up and down arrows above the lines button.  To select how much to bet on each payline players must click on the up and down arrows above the bet button.  The minimum bet is 0.01 and the maximum bet is 2.00.  The spin button will start the game by spinning the reels.  Players can also activate the autoplay option which will spin the reels automatically for a selected amount of uninterrupted spins.

Wildcat Canyon features fun cartoon like characters and offers players a good range of betting options that will suit all gaming enthusiasts, whether they are new to the game or have been playing for a while.

The Snake Charmer slot

The Snake Charmer Slot

The Snake Charmer slot is a development of Next Gen Gaming and has 5 reels and 25 paylines.  The game opens with an Indian landscape with the Taj Mahal at sunrise.  Indian music plays as the reels spin.  The symbols are cartoon like and they will animate when a winning combination is created on active paylines and a different Indian track will play.


The Snake Charmer slot symbols fit in well with the Indian theme of the game and feature an Indian dancer who has a payout of 1500 coins for 5, an Indian elephant which will pay out 750 coins for 5, the snake charmers musical instrument and clay pots which will each have a pay out of 400 coins for 5.  The other symbols are the playing card symbols with payouts ranging from 200 to 100 coins if 5 land on active paylines.

The snake is the wild symbol and will substitute for all of the standard symbols to create winning combinations.  The snake charmer is the scatter symbol and will pay out in any direction on the paylines.

Free Spins Bonus Round

The Snake Charmer slot has a free spins round which is activated when 3 or more scatter symbols appear on the reels and players will be rewarded with 10 free spins.  The free spins round does not have a multiplier but if the wild symbols appears it can become an expanding wild and cover all positions on the reel.  The free spins round cannot be reactivated from this bonus feature.

Gamble Feature

The online casino NZ dollars gamble option is available after a winning spin and players are given the option to collect their winnings from the spin or to gamble.  If they choose to gamble they will be taken to another screen and shown a face down playing card.  They then have to correctly guess the colour or suit of the card.  By correctly guessing the colour of the card their win will be doubled and for correctly guessing the suit of the card their win could be quadrupled.  Players have 5 attempts to gamble.

How to Play

The Snake Charmer slot is easy to navigate and players will find all the buttons at the bottom of the screen.  The info button will give players access to possible winning combinations, rules of the game, symbol payouts and information about the bonus game.  The autoplay button will spin the reels for a certain amount of uninterrupted spins.  By clicking the autoplay button players can select how many spins ranging from 5 to 500 spins.

To select paylines players can use the + and – buttons next to the lines button and to choose how much to bet players can use the + and – button next to the bet button.  The minimum bet is 0.02 and the maximum bet is 5.00.  The spin button will spin the reels for one spin at a time.

The Snake Charmer slot features fun colourful characters and allows for reasonable wins with the free spins round and expanding wild symbols.

How to place sports bets

How to Place Sports Bets Online

Mobile Betting on sport, be it online or otherwise, has some serious merit, as this is an external event that players can acquire ample information before heading to the bookmakers to evaluate the odds available. This allows for a more competitive edge toward the betting game than can often be found in the likes of casino gaming and others. Additionally sports betting usually brings together to favourite past times of the players, the love for a particular sport, and the thrills and spills of a good old wager.

With the internet and technology the way it is today, progressive and cutting edge, systems like sports betting are becoming increasingly easy to propagate and so players are garnering access to these systems in accessible ways and through powerful enough platforms that the sportsbooks online offering these betting arrangements can take a fair bit of liberty in presenting the platform well. With all this possibility though it seems pertinent to go back a few steps and to first ask ourselves how to place sports bets.

Sports Betting Online Across Multiple Platforms

In order to answer how to place sports bets there are a few fundamental aspects of the craft to iron out. First off, sports betting, due to the nature of the setup, is bound to a specific setup for a certain sport. This makes sense as the betting options need to reflect the possibilities within said game. The basic bets however are effectively the same for any form of competitive sport, as fundamentally it boils down to a win or lose situation, with a few semantics in between. As a result, players, regardless of their experience with the industry, can pretty much jump straight into a sports betting opportunity, especially if they’re familiar with the particular game they would like to bet on.

It may be that players can quite easily transition into this sort of betting situation, but in order to properly approach the subject of how to place sports bets, with a confidence and even perhaps advantage, a little bit of homework could be beneficial. This is also where the marvel of the powerful online platforms comes into effect. Through the devices and sportsbooks available players can engage with the online betting system as well as explore further information based features like live streams, statistical analysis and more, directly through the sites themselves. This makes the experience quite rounded and informative as well.

Some Particulars of Placing Sports Bets

Whilst the fundaments of sports betting are rather intuitive, there are some rather extensive betting options in place for a large quantity of the available sports. For example, regarding how to place sports bets on horse racing for instance, there are winner and loser bets, ranking bets, specific order of racers and so much more regarding the finer details of the craft. However due to the fact that as the bets for a particular sport get more involved they also become more particular to said sport, and so perhaps the best way to learn the ins and outs of a certain and specific sports betting setup is through practice and experimentation. Either way though, answering the question as to how to place sports bets oneself can be an exciting and learned experience whether the wins flow or not.

Free bingo bonuses

Exciting Free Bingo Bonuses Online

And bingo was his name o. Yes indeed, bingo is back and better than ever before because there is just so much more possibilities today. The game involved here has been around for several good, long centuries, with its origins only accurately clear around 15th century France, where it was noted for its particular qualities within history books from that era. The game itself is fundamentally a game of chance, without any particular influence from the players or house. This does mean that it is just the odds that players are up against, versus a dealer or banker and so allows for a semblance of control. However good the game may be though, some free bingo bonuses can only make it better, and that’s what’s on the cards for the moment.

Playing and Winning with Free Bingo Bonuses

The game of bingo is played with a card, or several, with a random arrangement of numbers across it in a grid like pattern. Random numbers are then drawn from a separate selection process, with the winning parameters being to match up enough of the numbers on the card to the drawn numbers to form the required pattern across the grid. It is at this point in the land based variation that an elderly woman shouts bingo and the game is evaluated. For the online versions the pace is slightly quicker, the features and variations wider and more possible to explore and there are some enticing free bingo bonuses as well.

The way UK free bingo bonuses work is that players can experience and try online bingo games for free whilst at the same time being eligible to win some real money from said game. This is most often seen from sites offering these forms of bonuses as welcome rewards, for joining the site or making a deposit. That being said, the bonuses are still free plays that can net actual real money results, so for the right package a membership may be worth it. There are however many platforms that offer free bingo games, and alongside these are also a set of fun and unique free bingo bonuses that players can take advantage of.

The Different Free Bingo Bonuses Online Platforms

The beauty of the free bingo variations on offer is that they can be all kinds of unique fun as well as offered through a wide range of different platforms. This includes the likes of mobile or tablet, and in fact a goodly proportion of the free bingo apps and games available online. This allows players the action if the game, for free, and alongside the particular free bingo bonuses included for that particular game. The result resembles the online slot game situation, a whole range of similar games, styled up with unique gameplay and themes and whilst offering a bonuses of their own.

Whether players end up playing the offerings of bingo online, through download or across an interconnected wormhole with a secondary and parallel dimension, is rather inconsequential though, as it is ultimately the greedy free bingo bonuses that will steal the lime light.

White Orchid

White Orchid Slots Game Features Flora and Fauna of the Rain Forest

White Orchid was released a few years ago by one of the biggest and best known developers in the casino games industry, International Game Technology. This game is a five reel game with forty pay lines, but thanks to IGT’s MultiWay Extra feature, offers the player up to 1024 ways of winning.

The theme of White Orchid slot game is based on the beauties of nature and the rain forest, and the flowers and animals which inhabit it. There is a focus on flowers, and the white orchid, and the background is in elegant light colours.

The Reel Symbols

The symbols in White Orchid are a Girl with an orchid in her hair, a Man, a Hawk and another colourful Bird, and a Fish. There are also the classic playing card symbols from Jack to Ace. The White Orchid Logo is the Wild symbol, and appears only on reels 2, 3, 4 and 5. This Wild symbol is also able to appear in a Stacked Symbol formation, with the possibility of four Wilds appearing on a single reel. As they can substitute for other symbols, the more Wilds the player finds, the more chances he has for a winning combination.

White Orchid Bonus Round Can Win the Jackpot

The Scatter symbol is the actual flower White Orchid itself. This symbol appears only on reel 3. It can also appear in a stacked formation, with up to four of these White Orchid Scatter symbols appearing on the centre reel. This Scatter symbol is the key to activating the bonus round in the game. If the player manages to hit two or more White Orchid Scatter symbols on the third reel, the White Falls Free Spins Bonus round is activated. The number of free spins the player will be awarded depends on the number of White Orchid Scatter symbols he has hit on the third reel. Ten Free spins will be awarded for two Scatters, fifteen for three, and twenty free spins will be awarded for four Scatters.

If the bonus feature is triggered with four White orchid Scatter symbols the player can win up to twenty free spins. This White Orchid bonus feature can be retriggered again and again, until the player has reached the allowed maximum of 130 free spins. After that, the player will also have a chance of winning the 250,000 credits jackpot.

Differences in Winning on Pay Lines or Ways to Win

Since there are both pay lines and numerous ways to win available in White Orchid, player will be able to wager on both. Half of the bet will be placed on the pay lines and half on the ways to win. The player can wager up to 400 coins in this way. There is a difference in the prizes offered, between the pay lines and the ways to win. Five of the Girl symbols on a pay line will pay more than the same number of symbols appearing on the ways to win. There is no doubt, however, that with these two different winning possibilities, White Orchid offers an interesting experience.

Cop The Lot

Cop The Lot Slots from IGT

Cop The Lot is an online progressive jackpot slot from International Gaming Technology (IGT). The game not surprisingly has a cops n robbers theme, complete with bumbling crooks and hapless coppers. The game features twenty paylines and five reels and a take it or leave it style Free Spins Bonus. In Cop The Lot you will have to avoid the policemen who are after you to arrest you. The game carries on until you get caught. Once caught, the player will then receive their verdict, which is one of four. But more on that later.

Symbols and Feel

As mentioned, Cop The Lot has a lovely cartoony feel to it. The colours are bright, and the symbols shown off against a Police Blue background with a wire fence surrounding the reels giving the impression of a prison. The most prolific symbols on the game are the ones taken from the deck of cards. These are large, bright, bold and made of bubble writing.

The rest of the symbols are either the robbers themselves or the slightly idiotic policemen. All but one of the robbers are wearing the traditional striped prison shirt, with the last happy to wear just a pair of braces. Each robber is larger than the other, with the last one looking like he ate all the pies in prison. The last symbol is the slightly silly looking copper.

The slot has a delightfully busy feel, with lovely animated robbers running away from a silly cop, all put to a background of music from a 1980’s cop show called The Professionals. Added to this is the sound of the reels, bombs, whistles and various other cops n robbers related noises.

The wild symbol featuring dynamite is the top paying one, should you get five of them in a row. This wild symbol can also substitute for any other symbol except for the bonus ones and any win made using the wild symbol will be doubled. The title symbol is the next best in the game, followed by the cash stacks and the money bags.

Bonuses and Features

Cop The Lot features three distinct bonus rounds. The first, Smash n Grab is activated by the Safe symbol. Here a player will choose a safe and then two others that are now eliminated. Once this has happened a number of spins will be offered, Deal or No Deal style, or the player can simply continue. During this feature you will get a maximum of fifty free spins, and you will find extra wilds and bonuses too.

The second feature is called The Usual Suspects. This will take a player to a screen showing our four robbers. Simply picking one will reward you a certain amount of cash. The maximum win size on this feature is 500 times your total bet size.

The final Feature is called Cops n Robbers, and takes the player to a board game style round where they will travel around the board collecting cash and key symbols, all the while outrunning the cop. During this round you can also enter Millionaires Row, by finding three keys. However, should you get caught by the cop you will go to jail and end up with one of four verdicts which end the game.

Gemstone Jackpot

Gemstone Jackpot Slots by Novomatic

Gemstone Jackpot is a gemstone based online slot game from the software developer Novomatic. The game features bright colours, and a very easy to use simple interface. Due to this the game is perfect for beginners of the online slot machine world to dip their toes into. The game was launched in August 2014 so is a relatively new addition to the Novomatic stable, but still has quite a decent following, especially among less serious players and novices.

The game boasts three rows and five reels at the screen of the game. Gemstone Jackpot has ten instantly active lines and it is possible to stake from1 to 1000 credits on each of them. The game does not feature any wild or scatter symbols, or multipliers. It does have a lock and spin feature and a bonus Gamble Game, but that’s it.

For all these reasons Gemstone Jackpot is only really recommended for beginners. Gemstone Jackpot is available on mobile platforms as well, being supported by both Android and iOS via a non-downloadable app developed in HTML5.

Symbols, Look and Feel

Gemstone Jackpot has a very simple and easy to understand interface, and a very convenient control panel. All the gaming symbols in the game are represented by gemstones of different colours and are pretty self-explanatory.

The gemstones come in only seven colours and all have the same shape. The white diamond pays out the most, and there are no scatter or wild symbols at all. Five of a kind of the white stone in a row from left to right will earn a player 2000 coins. Players can choose the number of lines that they would like to pay as well as the amount of their bet. Lines go up to ten active ones only.

The paytable is visible with just one click, which is a good thing to know before you begin to play. Minimum coins are just four per line and goes up to 1000.

Special Feature Lock and Spin

Gemstone Jackpot does have a special feature, this is called Lock and Spin and locks all of the symbols in a winning pattern and spins all of the rest without charge. All new combinations are paid out on top of the previous win. If there is another win while this feature is active, it to will lock into place and the rest will continue to spin. So technically you will simply add win to win.

The feature ends when there is not any winning combination and the game gets back to normal. This is where the jackpot can be won. Please note that traditional free spins are not provided.

Another feature is the gambling feature. The player has the possibility to stake the entire payoff received during the spin in the gambling feature. Basically you have to guess the colour of a face down card. If you guess correct, your winnings will be doubled. If you are wrong, all your bets are lost to the house. The maximum number of coins available in this feature is a whopping 5 million, meaning a player has the opportunity to claim quite a decent payout.

Wizard slot alternatives

What To Look For In Online Casinos

Foe several years now, online casinos have been the perfect place to relax and enjoy your favourite games whislt in the comfort of your own home, win real money and enjoy hours of fun. However, there are things you need to look out for when considering the site you want to play your Wizard slot alternatives on. It is not advised that you register with the first online casino you come across, but you should instead do some significant research before making your final decision. Below, you will find some tips on what to consider when looking for an online casino to enjoy your favourite casino games on.

A Wide Range Of Games

As with anything, it is only normal for people to develop favourites over time, and the same can be said for online casinos. Naturally, you will have games that you absolutely love to play. But occassionally, you will need a break from those ones before you grow tired of them. Too much of a good thing is bad, after all.

When you decide on an online casino, make sure that they have plenty of Wizard slot alternative games to choose from, for example. Not only will this give you a chance to see what else is out there, it will also prevent you from getting bored of your favourite games.

Is It Truly Convenient?

One of the biggest reasons for online casinos being as popular as they are is because they are meant to provide a truly convenient alternative to the traditional casinos. You need to look at whether or not a casino is convenient before you register with them. Consider things such as whether or not they accept your credit or debit card to pay for the Wizard slot alternatives you love so much, as well as what their average payout turnaround time is.

Read The Reviews

The world of online casinos is a very close-knit one. This is why reviews should form such an important part of your decision when it comes to selecting an online casino. Have a look at what people have to say about the casinos you’re thinking of joining. Are they efficient? Do they offer Wizard slot alternatives? Is their site easy to use? Is there a helpline to contact should you encounter any technical difficulties? Try and read as many reviews as possible and weigh up your options from that point onwards – there is no use in continuing to consider a site if plenty of others have already given it negative reviews.

Finding an online casino need not be a daunting task. In fact, it’s a fairly simple one that just takes a little bit of foresight on your part. Look at your options, see what they offer and make your decision based on that. At the end of the day, you may find that you actually even have more than one site to play Wizard slot alternatives on. So in future, consider their selection of games, ponder whether or not it is truly convenient and make sure you read as many reviews as possible before signing up to any online casinos.