Credit Card

In terms of making deposits, there are few other types of banking method quite as popular as the credit card. This applies to all sectors of the gambling industry, from online casino games to sports betting, the credit card remains a favourite among many.

While it is not always advised to use a credit card for gambling purposes, there is no denying the benefits provided by the cards, and they can allow bettors to participate in betting opportunities that would otherwise be impossible. Read More

Crab Soccer

Crab soccer is a form of soccer often played at schools, or by children on playgrounds. As apposed to normal soccer, with players running on two legs and kicking an inflated ball, crab soccer requires that players support themselves with hands and feet, kicking a deflated ball.

The game is generally played for laughs, and not taken especially seriously, and is recommended at children’s birthday parties. There are, however, professional games of crab soccer that allow bet makers to be place bets. Read More

Fisticuffs Touch

This is an old school boxing title from developers NetEnt and as the name suggests this slot is all about the brawl. Boxing in and of itself is an old craft that has been around for ages and so to place it at the head of a classically styled mobile slot like this Fisticuffs Touch is rather quite innovative.

Besides this the blend of browns and greens on the reels of this mobile slot game looks quite appealing in any size and so on a smartphone with capable processing power and the graphics available with this game the resulting presence of the reels is quite an appealing one. Overall this theme and mobile slot complement each other in their own exploits and make for a degree of communal synergy in the game. Read More

Fortune Teller

There are many different superstitions and beliefs out there and one of the more famous of those that of predicting the future and other similar timeline related events. Over the centuries there have been many that were regarded as capable of this feat and whilst the story of future forecasting remains still just a story, the idea has often been fondly approached.

One of the most famous of those that could divine the future were those mystics that now find themselves the lead in this NetEnt slot game entitled Fortune Teller and clearly of the relation to these gypsy like peoples that were known for their prophetic capabilities. Read More

Flowers Touch

Joining players on the reels of this Flowers Touch mobile slot are characters that at first look like they’ve just stepped out a Plants vs Zombies mobile game but upon closer inspection do take on characters of their own, intertwined with the theme broadcast on the reels of this slot game form NetEnt.

The reels are definitely in bloom with this colourful slot and with the mobile version these reels take up the entirety of the screen, to give the players all the space they need to spin the reels on their smartphones. Overall the graphics and atmosphere make the experience with these flora related reels quite a pleasant and warming one. Read More


This Flowers slot game looks at first like it’s only missing a few zombies to be mistaken as a certain popular mobile game but when players get to know the symbols and reels involved they will realise that this is a different approach to a similar idea and the flora found on screen take on a unique life of their own.

Overall this slot setup from NetEnt is fairly simple and makes for some fun and light spinning. Players will note that the majority of the thematic work comes in the form of the various Flowers characters to be found on the reels. Read More


The title of this slot game is pretty difficult to misconstrue for anything other than what it is, a good old fashioned fight. That’s exactly what’s on the cards, or reels, in this Fisticuffs slot game that is themed on the premise of old school boxing and the factors in and around this sport.

Players will notice as they launch this online slot from NetEnt that the style and atmosphere created also reflect this classical view, painting out the scenario in an assortment of browns and greens that give it a more classical appearance on screen. Read More

Dino Might

Dinosaurs have always been an intriguing topic and Microgaming has produced a bright colourful online slot with these pre historic characters as the main attraction of the game.  Dino Might has 5 reels and 20 paylines and is an adventure video slot.

The symbols are a mixture of different dinosaurs and a variety of plants.  The dinosaurs have payouts ranging from 800 to 120 coins if 5 land on active paylines.  The plant symbols have a payout ranging from 100 to 50 coins for 5.  To view all of the payouts players can click on the paytable button. Read More

Ace of Spades

Ace of Spades is a video slots game that harks back to the traditional slot games. It has been designed and developed by Play ‘n Go.

In its traditional fruit machine style, Ace of Spades only offers one pay line and a maximum of three coins that may be placed as a bet. There are no particularly complicated bonus features or rules that players need to note of. Read More

Pirate 21 Blackjack

Pirate 21 Blackjack is another variation of the popular game of blackjack that is designed to entertain and add something fresh. This game is provided by multiple software developers, and generally plays out to the same odds range for blackjack play as classic blackjack, although each separate side bet game will have house odds of its own.

The distinguishing feature of Pirate 21 Blackjack compared to classic blackjack is that it uses Spanish card decks. Spanish decks contain 48 cards, which is a standard basic deck of 52 cards with the tens removed. The ten-card of each suit is removed from play. Read More