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Swinging and the Internet: The Ultimate Open Relationship It isn’t always easy for open-minded, fun-loving couples to meet like-minded couples for action and satisfaction. However widely enjoyed, swinging remains misunderstood by a huge number of Americans, and that often makes it difficult to be a loud and proud swinger.

Technology, specifically the internet and tools that support it, such as desktop and laptop computers, smart phones and tablets, and swinging is a match made in heaven. With websites, forums, chat rooms, and social platforms and channels dedicated to the pleasures of partner-swapping, meeting a couple you and your partner can play with becomes fun and easy. Before the rise of the internet and more sophisticated mobile technology, straight and gay swinging couples generally had to seek out obscure mailing lists or place a personal ad in newspapers or magazines.

Despite this, invitations to clandestine swingers’ parties were probably the most common way straight and gay swingers met each other, and formed friendships and other intimate bonds. Swingers’ clubs were another way many open couples met each other, but those clubs could make for bad potluck; the last thing anyone would want, if they’ve had to drive miles to get there.

Thankfully, waiting for invitations and driving miles to a dingy club are now only options if couples want them to be options, or if they don’t have a laptop or a PC, and an internet connection. If you and your partner don’t want to wait for a party, if you don’t want to go to a club, if you want a third person to join you, or if you want to meet other couples for swaps or group fun, a selection of swingers’ sites could make it all possible. It usually takes a couple of clicks to set up a basic profile, and once that’s done, you’ll be able to post messages, send messages, use instant and video chat, and much more, depending on the site.

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In much the same way, the internet makes swinging easy and accessible to you and your partner. Not only can you search for other couples, but you can filter your searches to focus on the characteristics you and your partner find attractive. Swinging sites could also put you in touch with more couples, groups, and party organizers, giving you endless possibilities for pleasurable adult play. Regardless of whether it’s swinging sites you are after, looking for other likeminded people or playing casino games online, the internet makes all this and so much more possible. AusVegas Casino Online Australia’s #1 Online Casino Guide 2015™ The #1 safe,secure & Trustworthy Online Casino Guide for Australian Punters. Rates & reviews the  best Australia online casino sites of 2015